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How You Can Help

Historically, Friends of Choices has been self-supporting through sober living resident fees and the annual Golf Putting Challenge. In recent years, our financial needs have exceeded these modest sources of funds. Today, the board and management of Friends of Choices have dedicated themselves to a larger, broader approach to our development in order to meet the escalating costs associated with providing high quality, affordable sober living programs on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Our needs for financial support are more fully described below. Your contributions may be designated to assist us in any of the following areas:

General Fund
Our General Fund underwrites the costs of our day-to-day operations. These unrestricted donations allow us the flexibility to use your donations where they are most needed.

Housing scholarship fund
This fund provides access to sober living for those unable to afford it. Depending on an individual's circumstances, we grant either full or partial scholarships.

Programs and outreach fund
This fund is dedicated to providing recovery support and outreach services.

Special event sponsorship
Event sponsorship assists our fundraising efforts, helps to fund the advance costs of the events themselves, and increases the opportunities for men to participate in our annual fishing trips or the Men's Retreat. It's a particularly good opportunity for businesses to be recognized for their support of our work.

The next section describes the aspects of our work that your suppport makes possible.

Expanding access to sober living

expanding access

Rising housing costs impact us greatly, since our biggest costs are the leases for our homes. Consistent with our operating philosophy, resident fees are set at a level that meets expected costs. This creates a serious affordability problem for many with limited means.

Other housing providers adapt to rising costs by packing more people into their houses, reducing the quality of supervision or otherwise cutting corners. We will not do that. We have a proven model for delivering cost-effective, high quality services. We diligently seek to operate as efficiently as possible, but won't do things that detract from the quality of essential services to our residents. Your contributions provide the only means of extending the opportunities we offer to those who cannot afford the cost.

The difference you can make

An additional $600 per month in our housing scholarship fund allows us to offer residence to someone who could not otherwise afford the cost. Alternatively, it allows us to help a few individuals who can afford some, but not all of the costs.

Maintaining the quality of supportive services


We've found through experience that, even with limited program funds, we can do a great deal to improve our residents' chances for long-term recovery. We know that things like our annual fishing trips and men's retreats have been turning points in the recoveries and the lives of many residents. Those who can afford the cost pay their own way. We'd like to continue to offer these opportunities to any resident who might benefit, regardless of ability to pay. We want to be able to meet other, more specialized needs where we can.

The difference you can make

Even small donations make a big difference. A contribution of $100 pays the costs for one man to attend the Search for Serenity Retreat, including lodging, transportation and meals. $250 will underwrite the cost for one person for our annual fishing trip. This would include meals, transportation, lodging and the purchase of fishing gear that we can use in years to come.

Volunteer support and training, infrastructure modernization

volunteers make the difference

A small investment in specialized training will enhance volunteer effectiveness and ease some of the administrative burdens of current staff. It will also give us the flexibility of having more than one person able to perform day-to-day tasks. We're also considering upgrading our record keeping and office technologies. This will mean fewer resources devoted to paperwork and more dedicated to what really matters.

The difference you can make

First, consider joining us as a volunteer. If you would like more information on how you can help us to help others, please , or call us at (310) 558-8383. We look forward to hearing from you.

Second, help us leverage our volunteer talent. Your contributions support volunteer training and upgrading our administrative systems. They will increase the impact of our efforts, and ultimately will mean more resources for our essential services.

We'll be providing more information about our future plans, and about new opportunities for you to become involved. In the meantime, we have a few suggestions:

Support our fundraising efforts

We hold several fundraising events each year, including a Golf Putting Challenge. This annual event raises badly needed funds for our various projects, and is a fun way to unwind with a great group of like-minded friends of recovery.

Make a donation to Friends of Choices

We have a number of opportunities for you to give, including our scholarship and special needs funds. If you'd like to learn about these and other opportunities, for more information.

Friends of Choices is a registered 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, and all donations are tax deductible.

Participate in the Putting Challenge

Putting Challenge
  • Be a competitor. "Greens fees" are a modest $10 for one round or $25 for three rounds. The top four players in five different flights (men, women, juniors and super juniors) win great prizes that include pro line equipment and clothing.
  • Sponsorship donations of $300 or more are acknowledged during the course of the event, including prominent placement of sponsor-provided advertising material on the putting course.
  • Purchase space in our Putting Challenge program booklet, distributed to participants and guests. Advertisers in the event program will also be acknowledged in the Putting Challenge information and registration pages on our website.
  • Purchase an "event sponsor" banner ad on our website. Ads will be displayed on our event information and registration pages.
  • Purchase tickets to our on-course raffle for quality gifts.

Click here for more information and this year's dates and times

Attend the Search for Serenity Men's Retreat

... and when making your reservations, add a small donation to help us fund participation for a few men who could not otherwise afford the experience.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you're looking for opportunities to donate your time and skills, we're looking for volunteers to help us in some specific capacities.

help us help others

We would like to enlist one or two people who like to write, to help in two major areas. One is helping to keep our website refreshed with new and timely information about recovery. We'd also like to communicate more regularly with our supporters and alumni. Even small commitments of time would be greatly appreciated.

Administrative assistance
If you have some experience with basic office tasks, and are comfortable with things like e-mail and word processing, your talents can help keep the organization functioning smoothly.

Event workers
It takes many people to help plan and stage the Putting Challenge each year. We welcome volunteers willing to help in any of a number of capacities.


If you, a friend or a loved one would like additional information about Friends of Choices, or would like to volunteer to support our work, please contact us at:

Friends of Choices
Post Office Box 66164
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 477-4428